Proven Performance

Why Sealy Hospitality Series?

Proven Performance

Hotel mattresses have to stand up to extreme wear and tear, supporting a range of body types for years.  A promise of performance isn’t good enough.  You need proof, and we’ve got it — through rigorous testing above and beyond industry standards.


Sealy’s patented robot test simulates a person repeatedly getting in and out of bed. It’s the most realistic test in the industry.


In the rollator test, a 240-pound weight repeatedly rolls across the surface. Sealy performs 50% more cycles than required.​


The Cornell test simulates a 170-pound person jumping on the bed. Sealy performs 50% more cycles than required.


The load deflection test measures how the foams change over the life of the bed. It proves the durability of all foams.


Sealy’s proprietary shipping and handling test simulates a 500-mile semi-truck ride. It ensures these products arrive in mint condition.


In Sealy’s proprietary adjustable base test, the mattress is bent 10,000 times. It ensures the mattresses work with adjustable bases.