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Sealy Posturepedic Monogram Series Selections

If you are looking for a Sealy Monogram Series bed, you have come to the right place!

Though Sealy no longer produces the Monogram or Titanium Series, the good news is that Sealy has continued to refine its very successful Hospitality Division program with new models that exceed even the high standards of the Monogram.  These unparalleled mattresses are built to deliver superior sleeping posture and back support, and offer a range of features including enhanced durability, gel-infused memory foams and richer fabrics.  The Monogram Series has been taken to the next level!

Sealy has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that customers searching for previous Monogram models have a corresponding new and improved model that closely matches the Monogram.  These new designs retain many aspects of the original Monogram Series models, but are constructed with better materials and more advanced sleep information technology, helping to ensure the best sleep possible.

If you are looking for a Sealy Monogram bed model, please refer to the chart below to see which current model is closest to the Monogram model you know.  
Former Bed Series Name    New Bed Series Name
Sealy Monogram Series
Monogram 400   Sayer
Monogram 600   Glennon
Monogram 800   Selwyn
Titanium 400 s   Sayer
Titanium 600 d   Glennon
Titanium 800 d   Selwyn
Titanium 600 i   Lovell
Titanium 800 i   Lovell 
Stearns and Foster Tivoli Elegance   Airedale 
Stearns and Foster Estate Epsilon   Airedale 
Hotel Supreme   Claybrook
Collection 7   Claybrook 
Hotel Chalet   Cardiff
Sealy Posturepedicn Monogram Series

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